Pantelleria, literally “daughter of the wind”, rises up between Africa and Europe.

The island stands out, among other things, for its jagged coastline and the green countryside overlooking the sea. Here you will find little coves with crystal clear water, spectacular and mysterious caves, comfortable accesses to the sea on leveled rocks.


The black pearl” of the Mediterranean, as Pantelleria is defined, is an island of volcanic origin and, although the last eruption dates back to 1891 and it is now therefore an extinct volcano, its geological life is still active with secondary volcanic phenomena that are still ongoing and that make it unique.

Here, the hot spring waters of Gadir, the natural steam bath of the Benikulà Cave, the muds of Venere Lake will bring you on a journey in pursuit of the regeneration of the senses and the purification of the soul.


The territory of the island owes its shape, as well as to volcanic changes, also to the presence of man who, over the centuries, had to fight against the wind and drought. From this need, terracing was born, with its unique dry-stone wall, Pantelleria gardens, and the typical dammusi, peculiar buildings with a domed ceiling, first example of bioclimatic architecture for water collection and thermal insulation.


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