We invite you to enjoy this culinary experience without haste, savoring the flavors, appreciating the colors and the harmony of the dishes we will prepare for you.


In our restaurant Dakalè, you will taste the contemporary Pantelleria cuisine we propose in all its authenticity.


The never-ending quest, sometimes creative but deeply linked to the territory, the use of fresh seasonal and zero-kilometer products processed daily: these are the signature elements of our restaurant, which will provide breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.


Via Palazzetto Errera

Località Dakalé

91017 Pantelleria


P.IVA 02826280816


Tel.:  (+39) 339 8119370

mail: info@kirani.it

Kirani  della Società Easy Hotel Pantelleria Srl - Via Palazzetto Errera - Località Dakalè - 91017 Pantelleria TP